Monday, February 13, 2006

The Third Ear

The Third Ear
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I have another post ready, but Blogger won't let me post it, so I thought I'd try posting from Flickr.

This is where I rent my videos. They moved from their former rabbit-warren premises about six months ago. The move made me sad, because now they're 15 minutes' walk away, instead of 5.


peripateticpolarbear said...

That's an awfully tidy looking store!

Savtadotty said...

It's immaculate! And very well-organized. Except that all the categories are posted in Hebrew only, so it's also a language lab for me.

Savtadotty said...

And Blogger is letting me comment! Yea!

Montanus said...

If we want to go to the nearest store of any kind, it's a 15 minute drive! We live 12 miles out, and our town doesn't even have a video store, alas. So, actually, you have the world at your fingertips there. Of course, the down side is you probably have people all around you too.