Monday, November 22, 2004

A contest

Here's how it works: you all submit a definition for the following word, and then we all vote on the winning definition. Oh, and please suggest a good prize too (all I could think of was the world's best hummus w/tehina and beans on fresh pita, but you would have to come to Tel Aviv to claim it.)



Ofer said...

Oops, it's not on Wikipedia:

The Lioness said...

1- Someone who makes an absolute fool of themselves on the telly (I'm thinking evangelist pastor here)

2 - The modern day version of peripathetic learning where instead of walking with teacher and discussing Life, the Universe and Everything Else one watches the telly with said teacher and learns by teleosmosis as it were.

3 - "Telepathic" spelled by a confused foreigner.

This is all I can think of, sorry. Oh, may i suggest the prize is a TICKET to fly to TA and then the food is on me. Throwing mud at the wall here as we say (hoping it will stick)(maybe benefactors read this blog)

Udge said...

Interesting, I thought telePHONE, you can tell I don't watch enough TV.

"One who believes the sales patter of cold-calling insurance salespersons."

elswhere said...

One who reads people's minds or predicts the future... wrong. i.e.:

*The phone rings: "That's my grandma, I just know it... Hello?...Oh--No, sorry, I don't want to participate in a brief marketing survey."

The Lioness said...

Sorry, sorry, "paripaTetic learning", have been trying to change it ever since I posted but the joys of Blogger thwarted me.

Savtadotty said...

Dear Lioness -
Do you mean "peripatetic?"
"Walking about from place to place" or something to do with Aristotle's teaching methods of simultaneous strolling and discussing? (I got that from
Peripathetic can be the subject of another contest!
(Digression is soooo tempting, but we must stay focused.)

The Lioness said...

OY, and managed to mispell that as well! PERIPATETIC!!! IAIKS!

The Lioness said...

*And then she went and misspelled "mispell". Oh when will it end!*

Savtadotty said...

Lioness: Maybe I'm making you nervous, what with my being so old (I hope it's that, and not some neurological disturbance or insomnia-related). I always wanted to be intimidating instead of intimidated, so your various misspellings are endearing you (more) to me: keep up the good work! (And how many of us could spell anything right in Portuguese?)

The Lioness said...

I didn't realise you'd posted this, thought it was only an email - as I said, my Portuguese is going South too, insomnia makes me all round-impaired. What fun! And you NEVER make me nervous, just happy to be here.