Saturday, December 04, 2004


"Tfu, tfu, tfu" is what we say to ward off the "evil eye." Please say "tfu, tfu, tfu" immediately after you read this post.

I feel a rumble of optimism deep in my bowels. No, I do not have a digestive ailment: I just have my own visceral way of reading the world's signals. Here are three sample messages I have been receiving that make me suspect Something Good is in the Works (tfu, tfu, tfu):

1. After fifteen years of living (legally) in a Bauhaus treasure building that nobody owns outright, I was thrilled to learn that the General Guardian of Abandoned Property in Israel has decided to start making the repairs ordered two years ago (!) by the Office of the Engineer of the City of Tel Aviv. The scaffolding went up this week! Of course, residents are expected to pay 1/2, proportional to the size of their apartments, but the contractor chosen by the "..Guardian..." has done good work on many buildings in the neighborhood. (tfu, tfu, tfu)

2. The Ukrainians are acting really serious about democracy, and the overturning of their fraudulent election should be studied by wannabe democracies all over the world (including the US of A). I hope their candidate lives long enough to win the runoff and become the Ukrainian Vaclav Havel. (tfu, tfu, tfu)

3. This week's news from Egyptian president Mubarak and published comments from the various Palestinian political factions is so good it makes me nervous: is peace on the horizon? (tfu, tfu, tfu)


squarepeg said...

Hi Savtadotty! Glad I ran into you -- love your posts! I'm just up the road apieace (Raanana).
[tfu tfu tfu on the peace thing!]

Savtadotty said...

Thanks for the feedback. As soon as I figure out where/whether in my template to put the code to include links to the blogs I read, Squarepeg will be there! Blogroller is not on my wavelength.

The Lioness said...

Oh, S. is here! Shalom lach! (oh they're both S.,what a mesS!) Now you can have tea parties and I can turn an even prettier shade of green. Yup, Tfu, tfu, tfu! I spit on it as well.

Don't worry abt the comments and such, it's alright - though it's very bizarre everything bounces back, must be from you end if emails are a prob as well, though other people have had trouble posting comments. In fact, I have as well, Blogger is the pits. I've been busy myself so haven't been comemnting and looking around as much. but I'm back, like the plague!