Sunday, January 16, 2005

Silly Blog Songs

Blog a Little Blog of Me
A Bloggy Day in London Town
I'm Blogging My Way Back to You Babe
A Blog He Would a-Wooing Go
Can't Buy Me Blog
I Wanna Hold Your Blog
How Much is That Bloggie in the Window?
Blog Me a River
Deep in the Blog of Texas

Can you think of more?

added January 19
"Don't Blog for me, Argentina"


Anonymous said...

Hot Blog Buns :)

Savtadotty said...

Very funny, anonymous! I thought you might be Prowesslessnesslessness, 'cause that's a song he might think of, but he said, "No, if it were me I would have said 'Hot Cross Blogs' instead." That's funny too, but I'm with you: we don't do crosses in Israel, but we do do buns (and blogs) (and are we hot)!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous again :) - I snitched your tune titles and we've added more...come visit: