Thursday, February 10, 2005

Elswhere's Beanstalk

I don't know whether I'm addressing this to Elswhere, to her troll(s), or to her readers, but SHE CAN SO WRITE FOR BEANS! And to prove it, I'm sending her an envelope (via snail mail) packed with beans. White ones and aduki's (I think they're kidney beans, from Japan). And I implore all of you who know where elswhere lives to do the same. And the rest of you wonderful readers who don't know where she lives but who do know I'm kvelling proud not just because I'm her mom but because SHE REALLY CAN WRITE FOR BEANS, well you just see whether the collective energy of the blogosphere can lobby PayPal to open up a Bean Account for elswhere and for others who disdain money as being too vulgar, too bourgeois, not mention too difficult to count. Or else all us nerds, dorks, hackers, and dweebs need to rustle up a "BeanPal for Bloggers," or some other quantitative creativity cheering squad, some kind of edible site-meter. Come to think of it, is that why they call the Accounting Department the bean-counters? And does anyone besides me remember "The Navy Gets the Gravy But the Army Gets the Beans?"

How is writing for beans different from Blogging for Books? or Jumping for Joy? That's it: Blogging for Jumping Beans! I'd better go lie down for a while.


Third Street said...

I love this. So supportive. So great. Send beans to Elswhere. Great idea.

elswhere said...

Aww... thanks, Mom. Wow. I can write for beans after all!