Monday, February 21, 2005

Kibbutz Visit

I went to the kibbutz to see Johnny this afternoon. How ironic that the day was so sunny and warm, the kibbutz was so lush and quiet: the sadness wanted dark skies, rain, and wailing. She is staying with a lovely family she knew from before, a few houses down from Uzi's. They are taking good care of her. We sat on the swings in the nearby playground and just talked and talked, until some small children came out (with their mothers) and displaced us. Then we strolled around a little bit more, and hugged and hugged goodbye. The afternoon passed so quickly for me, but I think time is pretty heavy for Johnny just now.


Third Street said...

I lived on a kibbutz (Ein Hashofet) from December 1980 to June 1981. Interesting experience. Wonder what they're like these days. Visted a few other kibbutzim then too (Gezer and another American one) Met some great people. Always wonder about them.

Savtadotty said...

All I can say with certainty about kibbutzim is that thir context has changed but human nature doesn't change. Some kibbutzim have become capitalistic, successfully, and some of those are supporting some of the weaker ones. The others are shrinking.