Saturday, February 26, 2005

Last Night's Terrorist Attack

I must have been sleeping really soundly, because I didn't hear the sirens and usually I do. I live a 15-minute walk from the place that terrorists attached last night. My first thought was: this will be Mahmoud Abbas's first test.

They haven't yet published the names of the dead, but I suspect their families are horrified, knowing that if they didn't call or come home by now, it's time to call the police. I wonder how the dead bomber's family feels too. If they sympathize with him, the hell with them. If they don't, they too have been victimized.


Third Street said...

I thought of you just now looking at the pictures on the New York Times website.

I can't stand it anymore.

Savtadotty said...

You and me both. Life is such a precious gift.

Udge said...

I find the situation very confusing, I thought Abbas was negotiating peace and that his people had agreed to a ceasefire?

The thought of living in peace seems to scare some people.

Savtadotty said...

You're right: Abbas is negotiating peace. Now let's deconstruct the rest of your comment: "his people had agreed to a ceasefire?"
1)"his people" = some Palestinians agree with him, others don't.
2)"agreed" = said "yes" but didn't all mean it.
3) "ceasefire" = it was quiet for a while. Nobody said how long.

Words, words, words. Indeed very confusing at best.

PPB said...

So glad you're okay. I can't imagine sleeping through, although it was undoubtedly a blessing to do so.

James J. Na said...

I am glad you are okay.

As for "Abu Mazen," we shall see how serious he is. Will he go to war with other factions, including those that are funded by Iranians and Syrians?

Is it time for the IDF to drop a bomb or two near Damascus to get some attention?