Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Planning the Stuyvesant Story

I haven't forgotten my promise to Smartmom, who, when last heard from on the subject, was waiting for her son's Stuyvesant High School entrance exam results. The story is quite long, but seems to divide itself chronologically into the following sections:

1. Background: public school experiences in the '40s and '50s
2. Moving from Manhattan to N.J. in the '70s for public schooling (among other things)
3. Divorce, and the Jewish education clause

4. Prowesslessnesslessness's Jr. High experiences
5. Prowesslessnesslessness's High School options

6. The Stuyvesant test and its aftermath
7. Ten years later: a surprising vindication

Tune in tomorrow for Section 1.


The Lioness said...

I'll be waiting! And that cat link, on Squarepeg's blog? HILARIOUS as well!

Third Street said...

You have no idea how interested I am in in all of this. I'll check in later. Little did you know you'd be blogging about Stuyvesant. Just like I said in my piece, this kind of stuff stays with you for YEARS.