Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Naches* Time

*Naches: pleasure/pride in the achievements of one's progeny. According to sociologist John Murray Cuddihy, naches and yichis are universal life goals, even if you don't know Yiddish. Who am I to argue? (According to Leo Rosten, "Yiches, more than pedigree, is family status or prestige that must be deserved, earned as well as inherited." Still working on that one.)

Congratulations to elswhere for winning this month's Blogging for Books, together with two other winners! I am one proud mamma. And congratulations to the judge, for having the good sense to recognize literary talent when she sees it. (Am I biased? No way.)

Thanks for teaching me how to link, everyone who did. Was it only six months ago?


The Lioness said...

You've been blogging for 6 months already?? Imagine that! I have congratulated Elswhere already, that was one cool thing! And thanks for the link, it was hyestarical.

Savtadotty said...

7 months actually. Glad you liked the link.