Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Elswhere's Birthday Made Me a Mom* (Updated)

I became a Mom 39 years ago today!

I stayed home until the last possible minute because: a) I couldn't believe I was really in labor, b) it was too hot to go outside for even a minute to get into a taxi, and c) I wasn't sure the labor room was air conditioned. It turned out it was, but the bathroom wasn't, and that's where they sent me first. Alone. By the time I came out, I was fully dilated and went straight to the delivery room. This was not what my Lamaze coach, Elisabeth Bing, had prepared me for. It took me years to forgive her (Elisabeth Bing, not elswhere). Total hospital time until delivery: 1.7 hours. Total labor time from first queasy feeling: 10 hours. Final cutting of the cord: never! Jewish mothers don't believe in that.

Now go on over to elswhere and see whether she's blogged her version of the tale. In any case, you could sing Happy Birthday to You in her comments section...writing there is off-limits to me. Somebody's gotta set boundaries y'know.

Update: a birthday surprise! For all of us!


That Girl said...

Im sending you the same thanks I send my mom on my birthday - Thanks for letting me live, mom.

elswhere said...

Absolutely! Especially through the teen years. Thanks Mom!

Jo said...

Nice labor! Sheesh! Some people have all the luck.

Thanks for producing her and for raising a wonderful person.

Savtadotty said...

That girl: Nice sentiment. I bet your mom says the same to you!

e: You are sooo welcome. I hope you're enjoying the Tiny Diner this very minute.

jo: Nice labor? All alone on a toilet? in 100-degree heat and no a-c? With a baby who kicked her way down the birth canal? Nice baby, yes! Short labor, yes! Luck? Well, I suppose so. But only if you look at the result, not the process!

ClooJew said...

Happy, belated, mother's day!

Udge said...

Happy elswhere's birthday!

bihari said...

Alone on the toilet, hmm? 1.7 hours? Oh, I am right there with you. My last labor was exactly the same. But I cannot imagine what it feels like to look back 39 years, and to look up and see that baby now grown (and writing terrific blogs) and being a mother herself. Though your lovely site does give me an idea...and hope!

Savtadotty said...

bihari: Hope! It's my national anthem (really! that's what "Hatikvah" means). I'm so glad you're taking my blog as it was intended: to show some light at the end of the tunnel. And thanks for appreciating my daughter's writing. She's enjoying blogging so much, and it shows.