Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Filial Gotcha

Spanglemonkey tagged elswhere with a meme, and elswhere finessed the tag straight to me, with the option to write it about myself or about my mother:

1. How did your parents meet?
2. What was the most frustrating thing your mother faced in your childhood?
3. How does/did your mother feel about her mother?

I'll do both of us for the meeting.
1. My mother met my father at her older sister Rose's wedding. My father was a friend of the groom (Uncle Will). Will was a salesman at a sporting goods store, which at that time (early 1920's) also sold phonographs and records (78 rpm). The store had listening booths so the customers could listen to the records before they bought them, and my dad, who didn't have a phonograph at home, used to come in on weekend afternoons for lengthy listening sessions. Will got to know him and would leave him alone with Caruso in the listening booth for hours at a time. When Will got engaged to Rose, he met her sister (my mom) the pianist. Bingo: an opera lover and a pianist. Sounds like a match? It was, and they went on dates to hear Caruso at the Met.

Elswhere's mother (that's me) met her father (that's my ex-) at work. Both system programmers. Main frames. New York City.

2. The most stressful (frustrating is not the right word for it) thing my mother faced in my childhood was WWII, because my oldest brother served in the U.S. Navy, in the Pacific.

The most frustrating thing I, a divorced full-time working mom, faced in elswhere's childhood was having to depend on wobbly, unreliable after-school child care.

3. As far as I knew, my mother felt nothing but admiration for her mother, who died when my mother was 16.

I am really curious to know what elswhere thinks are my feelings for my late mother.


elswhere said...

Thanks for doing my homework for me!

My guess is that your feelings for your late mother are/were...mixed admiration and annoyance? Complex, anyway.

Jo said...

Excellent work. See? Each question could easily be a book in itself.

Savtadotty said...

Admiration and annoyance, eh? As we approach the 25th anniversary of Oma's death, the admiration percentage is increasing and the annoyance percentage is disappearing. Memory is soooo selective...