Sunday, June 05, 2005

We Made Kreplach

Kreplach are a Polish-Jewish version of dumplings. The name is actually a Yiddish diminutive of "little crepes," but the results are much heavier. We made a cottage-cheese filling, because the 13-year-old is vegetarian and coincidentally Shavuot is coming soon, when the custom is to eat dairy-based foods. The project was a success because the 13-year-old chose the recipe and participated actively in the preparation, while the custodial father had laid in all the ingredients, and the results were edible. However, my inner perfectionist considers the project a failure because the kreplach were rubbery, the filling leaked out the sides, which rendered them flat and empty instead of puffy and stuffed, and we had a huge amount of filling leftover, although that meant at least we could plop it on top of their emptiness when we ate them. I'd rather have blintzes, which can't possibly be more trouble to prepare.


Noorster said...

We don't call them blintzes where I come from... (pssshhht!!) but when I finally get to Israel, we can throw a blintzes-related party. It's just about the only food I can make.

Savtadotty said...

I've promised to deliver Oma's special blintz-making pan to elswhere this summer, so you better bring your own! Or we can improvise.