Monday, July 11, 2005

Frittering my life away

I don't have time for fun I think this is my idea of fun:

· Updating and organizing bookmarks on the browser(s)
· Downloading photos from the digital camera and uploading them to Flickr
· Entering household expenditures into Quicken
· Downloading updates and running the spyware program
· Synchronizing Palm Pilot and desktop data
· Checking and commenting on blogs
· Updating my blogroll
· Checking my blog site meter
· Revising my Living Will/Advanced Health Directive
· Walking my dog
· Charging rechargeable batteries

Thank God my children were almost grown up before I got a PC (in 1982) and a dog.

Note: there is no file backup activity listed in my schedule…my CD burner is broken, but I never did it anyhow. Risk-loving fool.


AmyS said...

I have alot of days like that, too, where I feel like I didn't really "do" anything. You're accomplishing more than you realize, especially when you interact with other people (via computer or otherwise).

Noorster said...

"Entering household expenditures into Quicken" - now that seems like work to me.

Savtadotty said...

In this heat, just getting up is both an accomplishment (Amy) and work (Noorster). Thank G_d for air-conditioning. How many hours a day can I lie in bed reading or sleeping when my only affliction is Summer in Tel Aviv?

Julie said...

Oh ha ha! I just organized my bookmarks yesterday!

I considered it time very well spent. :)

Savtadotty said...

Julie: welcome! I think you must be me, reincarnated. But wait! How can I be reincarnated when I'm still alive? Maybe you're the daughter I didn't know I had. It happens to guys all the a feminist, I demand the right have unacknowledged children too!

bihari said...

Oh my. I am so happy! Someone else who finds a Quicken session soothing and satisfying! Yes!

Savtadotty said...

Bihari - could you be another "daughter?" As Little Mermaid proves, a daughter can have more than one mother. By the way, I'll tell you a secret: I majored in Math because I found it so soothing to do math homework.

Lorna said...

walking the dog is good :)

love your blog !