Saturday, August 27, 2005

Goodbye, LA (Updated)

There seems to be a heat wave wherever I go this summer.

My next stop is the Pacific Northwest, but I don't expect cool weather there either. Next year I suppose I'll have to consider going south of the equator if I want to escape Tel Aviv-style heat.

Shalom Shalom, Santa Monica Mall and Third Street Promenade!


This is where I stayed most of the time.


AmyS said...

Hey Savtadotty! Sorry to hear you're suffering in the heat. It's pretty muggy here, too. Hope you're having a most excellent American adventure.

Fred said...

Wow - you're covering some ground! Sorry about the heat - I hear Alaska is pretty cool this time of year.

John said...

Savtadotty - let's open a Whole Foods here! Goodness, I miss it so. Tiv Ta'am just isn't doing it for me...too Disney.