Thursday, August 04, 2005

Little Bear Does Tel Aviv (4)

At the Beach01
Originally uploaded by savtadotty.
There's nothing like eating pita and watching the sunset over the Mediterranean.

More photos at Flickr.


Fred said...

Love the food, love the view. And, love the picture!

John said...

Is she the cutest baby ever or what!?!?

Oliver said...

I love all the photos you're posting! She's SO cute. I love the style of your blog too!

PPB said...

omg, I must have that child. now. so gorgeous! What? she's related to YOU? You are one lucky lady!

Savtadotty said...

Oh people, how I miss that gorgeous girl! You are so right to "ooh" and "aah." All the wonders of New York City, and there are many, are bittersweet now that she's gone back to Florida with her lucky mom and dad.

(I can't post on my blog this week because my hostess's computer doesn't allow cookies and blogger wants cookies.)