Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Little Bear's and Pappa Bear's Shoes

They took their shoes off on the long translatlantic flight from Tel Aviv to Newark.

Did I mention there was a clown on board?


Fred said...

That's a wonderful picture. A clown? Now, there's a real treat!

Udge said...

A very sweet photo.

Noorster said...

A clown... you mean working?

Julie said...

Thank you so much for the tip on Lost in the Stars. I'd never heard of it before . . . and now I've ordered it! Strangely, what drew me in on the very first page was Paton's description of the land that is "beautiful beyond any singing of it" -- a phrase that made me instantly tear up. And here they are, of course, singing of it! :)

What a sweet photo!

Savtadotty said...

Nootster: YES!!!!!!!!!!! Like a travelling camp counsellor, with toys and games for the kids. They loved it, and so did their parents. The non-family passengers and the crew were all smiles too.

Julie: Wait 'til you hear Todd Duncan sing the "Johannesburg"'s a killer. Not to mention the title song ("Lost in the Stars")...and many of the others.

Everyone: Julie is talking about the musical Kurt Weil wrote in 1949, adapting the book "Cry, the Beloved Country," by Alan Paton.

Noorster said...

...and the crew were all smiles too - I bet:)))
I think I need to promote that idea to management over here.
Are you still in LA? Hope you're having a great time.

bihari said...

The photo made me cry, partly because I do that, partly because it duplicates one my husband took of his shoe (size 15) beside our then-one-year-old son's shoe, and partly because, I don't know, it just says something about parents and children and love.

I'm gonna draw the line at $4300 for a pair of shoes, though.