Thursday, October 06, 2005

Global Warming Slows Down in Tel Aviv

Every summer in Tel Aviv I think it's hotter than the summer before. Then, around early October, the unbearably hot time of the day shrinks down to a smaller and smaller summer it gets too hot for me to go out by 9AM and becomes bearable after 8PM, then in September 10AM until 6PM, then in October 11AM until 4PM. Of course I do go out during those hours, but I try to minimize the time I remain outside of air-conditioning. Then we change the clocks back and it's Fall or whatever you call it when it's no longer too hot and before it gets too cold. Yes, I admit it does get too cold in Tel Aviv eventually, mostly at night and/or mostly indoors. This has something to do with the building materials and techniques. There is no such thing as insulation here, other than stone, and as every Queen knows, stone make those castles quite chilly in winter. That's how we got beautiful Bayeux tapestries and Persian rugs, even on the walls, not to mention those fetching ermine capes. But not in my house. The walls in my house are full of pictures: a few paintings, many prints, some drawings, and many photos. They don't work as insulation at all. And my floors are bare tile: great in summer. I do have one Killim rug covering the bedroom floor, and I love it year round.

So now we are on the cusp of comfortable for the majority of hours every day. I wonder what I'll complain about then?


Fred said...

We have the same pattern here in Tampa, and I deal with it just as you do.

Usually, though, the first week in October brings cooler weather. Not this year, though. And, we have some sort of minor tropical thingamajiggy headed our way tonight. Argggg!

Lesser_Lumpkin said...

I'm more or less in the opposite end of the spectrum. Although we have decently warm summers its all ready approaching coat wearing season here and we'll most likely have snow very very soon. Everything is insulated. Even our socks.

Thanks for stopping by the Oddyssey and thank you for the tip about changing the date on a post. I was not aware of that little feature.

The Lumpy

Tan Lucy Pez said...

The only unbearable time of year (for me) in Pennsylvania is when the humidity is so high in August. This year it's still very warm: in the 80's, but not humid, so it's okay for me.

I love the fall, winter, and spring. Summer is fine too of course, but without air conditioning I would be in trouble for sleeping.

Naturally we are well insulated for all the weather. Why don't they insulate there?

The Lioness said...

Heat waves, you can always complain abt that. For me it was always more the humidity than the heat itself, I can do heat rather well as you say. I once remember going to a book fair with uzi and his younger brother in Ra'anana and buying cotton candy, and then watching it shrink before my very eyes until it was the size of half my fist. It was unbelievable.

Savtadotty said...

Yes, and of course the humidity. Although when my son eand daughter-in-law visited in July (from Florida), they marvelled at Tel Aviv's relatively *dry* heat, so it could be worse. Somehow that idea doesn't cool me off though.

Julie said...

What??? You don't have fetching ermine capes at your house???

Actually, we have similar temperature swings here in Mich. I'm only truly comfortable for about 2 weeks out of the year. But I couldn't stand to live in a place that doesn't have four seasons.

Savtadotty said...

Julie, come to think of it, I do have my late mother's mink stole in the closet. What was I thinking? My mother was so not a mink-stole-wearing woman, but my father wanted her to feel pampered, so she gamely went along. I've promised it to my drag-queen friend when he performs in cold venues.

I used to miss four seasons, but now I just close my eyes and listen to Vivaldi.