Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Dale tagged me, and I am nothing if not dutiful to my blogging colleagues. I even like some of the questions! However, I won't pass it on, so you can relax. If you tag yourself, let me know so I can read what you've written.

Four Jobs I've Had

Camp counsellor at Rackett Lake Girl's Club, a camp in the adirondacks.
I had a bunk of 10-year-old girls, and they were great. My only troubles were when I was assigned to chaperoning the teenagers, because I was only 17 myself, but they didn't know that 'cause I was a College Girl.

Computer programmer for IBM
When I started, IBM provided training, because there were no courses in colleges. I am a dinosaur!

Systems Analysis teacher for a seminar company
I liked being a wandering minstrel, but the travel wore me out.

Usability test facilitator
I really enjoyed it when designers observed real users "think out loud."

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over

Rear Window
An American in Paris
Anything with Judi Dench

Four Places I've Lived

Gunhill Road, The Bronx
I was born there, but we moved away when I was 6 months old

316 East 55 Street, New York City
My first apartment, a studio with a fire escape, and air-conditioning that never worked

910 West End Avenue, New York City
Where I lived when my children were born

Princeton, New Jersey
I blogged about it already

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch
I don't have a TV, so I watch them either on video or DVD

Upstairs, Downstairs
The Sopranos
The West Wing
The 1982 Goldie Hawn Mother's Day Special ('cause Prowesslessnesslessness is in it!)

Four Places I've Been on Vacation
I've travelled a lot, so I thought I'd just pick four places I've been that begin with a "P"

Petra, Jordan
Playa Blanca, Mexico (Club Med, about 30 years ago)
Prague, Czech Republic
Paris, France (I also lived there for a year)

Four Blogs I Visit Daily
I have bloglines, so I visit everyone I subscribe to whenever the RSS feed tells me they've posted

Four of My Favorite Foods
Salad katzutz
(chopped up Israeli cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, with fresh lemon juice - I've tried to make it in the US, even with organic vegs, but it doesn't work there)

Ah, those grilled eggplant slices and peppers and various other tidbits.

Max Brenner's chocolate

Goat cheese

Four Places I'd Rather Be
Can't think of any

Four Albums I Can't Live Without
Kathleen Ferrier
Bach St Matthew Passion
Avenue Q
March of the Falsettos ('cause Prowesslessnesslessness is in it!)

Four vehicles I've owned

1961 Triumph TR-3 sports car
It had two carburetors. I really only needed one. They were both stolen, together with the rest of the car, by "teddy boys" in London after I'd owned it for three months.

1973 Plymouth Duster
It may still be running. The slant-6 engine was a gem. The guy who bought it in 1984 wanted a spare.

1984 Datsun/Nissan
I loved the sunroof.

1989 Peugeot 309 I sold it in 2004 on the Israeli e-bay; the buyer turned out to be a friend of the guy who helped me post my ad!


John said...

The internet is for P()rn!

Dale said...

I love the idea of you tooling about in a triumph! What a shame it was stolen.

But... what is prowesslessnesslessness? Is it other than prowess? Inquiring minds wand to know!

Savtadotty said...

John - If you were gay, it'd be OK.

Dale - That triumph. Story of my life, poignant version: a triumph too early, stolen.

Prowesslessnesslessness is the moniker of My Son The Lawyer (more accurately, the law school grad and February bar exam crammer)(or, more accomplishfully, Little Bear's father). It is what prowess looks like after it's been hammered by said Son's convoluted attempts to discourage spammers.

Fred said...

No TV. Wow. While I don't watch it all that much, it's still nice knowing I have it as background noise.

Savtadotty said...

The occasional exploding bomb and ambulance sirens provide me with all the background noise I need. Not to mention the radio, which hasn't yet joined my growing pile of discarded machinery.