Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Own Private Idaho

Many other bloggers from Israel have pretty well covered our recent election, which leaves me with the job of watching for the rain to clear up so I can walk my dog. No, I did not vote for the Elderly Party. They got all their Knesset seats without me! I voted for Kadima. As it turned out, they needed my vote more.


Bert said...

You were absolutely right. Despite all my cynicism I somehow want to believe that, while many Kadimah hotshots are opportunists, Olmert and a few others in that party are truly concerned about the problems Israel is facing. Many in the Pensioners' Party are as well, but they have become big enough to do what they want - and are supposed - to do.

samirah said...

I really never thought I would miss Ariel Sharon. Yet I do.