Monday, May 29, 2006

Supreme Jerusalem

Yesterday, Noorster and I ventured all the way to Jerusalem where we met up with John for a tour. First stop was the Supreme Court. Noorster's photos are so beautiful! The place really conveyed the feeling of a Temple of Justice. I've posted my own, more prosaic, photos on flickr too.

The best I can offer here is a shot of one important historical document displayed in their gorgeous museum area.

At left, the League of Nations Mandate, assigning Palestine ("Trans-Jordan") to Great Britain in December, 1922.

Also on display was the landmark 1994 decision on the El Al Airlines vs. Jonathan Danilowitz case, awarding employee benefits to same-sex life partners. (My photo of that one came out too blurry to post.)

By coincidence, at the Court yesterday they were hearing arguments on whether to recognize same-sex civil marriages performed legally in foreign countries, for example Canada. The lawyer for the state was arguing valiently and energetically against, but the judges (there were seven, including four women and Chief Justice Aharon Barak) were giving her a hard time and I predict she will lose. After the hearings are concluded, they will take a few months to deliberate, so look for a decision this Fall. This case is of personal interest to me, given that elswhere and Renaissance Woman got married in Vancouver, BC, in 2000, two years after their commitment ceremony in the USA. Not that I expect them to move to Israel any time soon, but in theory it would be nice if they could come as a married couple, with whatever benefits that would bestow.


Fred said...

Everytime you mention your travels, it just makes me want to get to Israel more and more.

elswhere said...

Actually we were married in Vancouver in 2003, on the fifth anniversary of our commitment ceremony. Same-sex marriage was legalized in British Columbia in July 2003, and we were married in August. (MG was the flower girl.)

It'll be very interesting to see how the case comes out!

John said...
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John said...

SD it was FUN to drag you around Jerusalem and I am glad you got to see downtown full of LIFE!

I will of couse keep everyone up-to-date on the Supreme Court skinny...or as much as I can. ;-)

Fred - come on! Israel is FUN!

Savtadotty said...

Fred - Anyone who is interested in history has got to have a great time here. The world is the same age everyplace, but what happened here was always NEWS.

elswhere - Now the whole world knows how inaccurate my memory is getting! In my defense, if you insist on marrying the same person over and over, I'm bound to lose track of the dates.

john - tour highlights, apart from the Supreme Court? Your neighborhood bakery, and the active neighborhood basketball court embedded amongst the archeological ruins!

Udge said...

if you insist on marrying the same person over and over Did anyone else say "Burton and Taylor?"

Looks like you had a good day out. Beautiful building, nice photos. I shall definitely have to see Israel.

julie said...

I hope your prediction comes true, and I wish the US would follow suit.

Yael K said...

Savta D, I always get a perk me up when I stop by your blog. Thanks! :)

Fred --so come!!

goldenlucyd said...

Hi Savta,
I've been down with the flu and have been catching up on your posts and pix. I agree with the others--Israel is a must-see! Oh, and I loved Noorster's fat-cat.

Savtadotty said...

Udge - Considering your weather preferences, I recommend coming in January or February.

Julie - I'm just wondering whether it will be in our lifetime.

Yael - Maybe Prozac should be renamed Perkadan!

Golden Lucy - Flu? Boo! I'm glad you're back.