Friday, May 05, 2006


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Whenever I look at this neighborhood Thai food restaurant's awning, Scrabble thoughts come to mind: the "K" is worth 5 points and the "Y" is 2 points. Where did they go?

(The Hebrew letters on the sign, next to the Coca Cola bottle-top, say "Thai-Food")


Chancy said...

The sign makes me think of "Wheel of Fortune"

I'd like to buy an "e" Pat.

But "TAEAWA" sounds like it could be a Thai Word perhaps.

asiatown77 said...

Oh Thai. Yummmm. Also a good place for Asiatown (now Europetown) to make his debut on your blog. I'm a teacher/writer/paralegal/jack of all trades and have been toying with a summer job in Israel which could possibly extend into the fall. If you or your readers have any ideas or want to see my c.v. just ask at zeev_2003 at
Thanks-hope I wasn't being rude.

goldenlucyd said...

Our dear Chancy thought the sign sounded Thai. My knee-jerk reaction was that it was a sign from New Zealand. the first thing I thought of was was the Maori opera singer Kiri Te Kanawa (had to look that up).
After I took a closer look I realized what the sign actually said. But thanks anyway. I guarantee you I never would have checked out the opera singer otherwise!
Have a wonderful week, Savta,

Savtadotty said...

Chancy, I thought it was a Thai word for quite a while. Then I realized GoldenLucy was right: the restaurant was named after the Maori opera singer Kiri Takeaway!

goldenlucyd said...

OOOOHH, Savta! That hurt!