Friday, June 23, 2006

Frog and Towed

After my first day of baby-sitting ALONE with Little Bear, during which she invented the new art form Poke-alism, and modeled her Hot Chick Sandals and Parasol (see photos), I discovered my rental car was gone. Luckily my Son the Lawyer got on the case immediately, and determined that it had been towed because I was blocking a driveway. We mobilized tape measures and digital cameras in preparation of our defense. Sad to say, we had none: I had so thoroughly avoided blocking the driveway in front of the car that I neglected to avoid blocking the driveway behind it. Truth be told, it didn't look much like a driveway at all, just one of the many curb cuts the City of Los Angeles kindly provides for wheelchairs and strollers. $177 in towing fees plus a ticket for $40. It's only money, right? Ouch.

So what about the Frog?


Dale said...

Oh, serious cuteness alarms going off. What a sweetie.

Sorry about the tow!

Udge said...

Very cute! love the dress.

Pity about the fine, that really is outrageous. One can buy a car for less than $217!

John said...

Just think - if you were in Israel you could have gone down to the lot and played the "savta card" and might have gotten off for free. ;-)

Savtadotty said...

dale - "cuteness alarms" indeed!
udge - Once ca buy a car for less that $217, but I had a full tank of gas, which would cost another $200 at least.
john - pity the "savta card" doesn't work here. In fact it might even boomerang.

Fred said...

They saw you coming, huh?

Love the pictures - she's sooo cute!

bill said...

Five, ten dollars is 'its only money'. That charge is well into the hurt zone. I'm sorry you encountered it.

goldenlucyd said...

Is this a delicious child or what! Yes, yes. Serious cuteness.
Please. Fines? Don't even go there. My granddaughter in Manhattan finally just got rid of her car. It's so frustrating.
Anyway, I loved the photos and thought the title of this post was priceless.
Hope you're having a wonderful visit. Shavuoah Tov, Savta.

Chancy said...

Sorry about the towing trouble and the fines.

Now you deserve an extra special hug from that precious little girl.

Yael K said...

She is adorable!!!!!

Maria said...

She is beautiful and you are blessed to have her in your life.

I am so sorry about the car being towed and the horrific fine. I never realized the fine city of Santa Monica was so mean-minded.

The Lioness said...

Oh the fine, my eyes hurt! But oh the adorablenessnessness of her!