Friday, July 28, 2006

From Sunnyvale, CA

I spent a wonderful two nights chez Grace Davis, including the requisite Fish Taco lunch at Aldo's of Santa Cruz (delicious! the best!), and a most convivial Mexican dinner in honor of Mir. So many notable blogging women attended that even I couldn't talk with all of them.

This morning, thanks to the very excellent map hand-drawn last night by Squid, unaffected by the pitchers of Margaritas (no Sabra liqueur available, therefore no Hezbollitas), I made my way to the Bad Mom's Coffee hour in Deadwood City. There I finally met, in person, sweet Barak, his delicious 10-week-old daughter, and my doppelganger Jo Spanglemonkey. So reluctant were Jo and I to part that we rode off into the sunset Safeway together.


Tan Lucy Pez said...

Just catching up on my reading. Looks as if you had a good trip, and maybe are on the road today.

Laura said...

I'm so sorry I missed you. I saw a picture of you among the blogher pictures on Flickr and thought, well shoot. Maybe next time. Keep well.

Savtadotty said...

Tan Lucy Pez - I'm home! My travel dates were 7/31 and 8/1, but my jet lag dates go on much longer. You're right, I did have a good trip.

Laura - I only attended a pre-BlogHer dinner (probably the photo is from that event), and then had to run off to San Francisco to see old friends fpr the weekend. Be consoled: I wasn't there.