Saturday, September 30, 2006

Shabbat at the Dascha

Things have progressed, regressed, and digressed here at the dascha.

1. I located the correct hot water switch and now there is hot water everywhere! Apparently this house has three switches that look like Israeli water-heater switches and I had tried only two of them...the two that apparently do nothing. Although you never know...maybe they do something I haven't yet discovered. Scarey.

2. The 14-year-old knows how to make sushi! And she made it for dinner!

3. I've taught both girls how to knit. The 14-year-old is already off and running on a hat of her own design (!) The 9-year old was about four inches into her practice project when she asked me, "What am I making here?" It was such a startlingly sensible question that I quickly made up an answer: "You are making a patch. When it's finished you can decide whether you want it to be the patch for a scarf or the patch for a blanket. And then you can make more patches and put them together." She scampered away quite satisfied.

I attempted to barbecue some hamburgers but they threatened to disintegrate and had to be finished up on the frying pan.

Digression (actually, it was a Diversion, but that doesn't scan...poetic license):
Noorster came to visit! Idan and Tif came to visit!

Noorster, Idan, and Tif went home.


claude said...

This sounds like some incredible weekend! How nice of you to teach them how to knit.
I was wondering if I'd have the patience to spend time with teenagers! I spent all my life with teenagers (as a teacher) and find it so good not being around them any longer ;)

Nominally Challenged said...

Sounds fun!
Great idea to teach them to knit!

And when is Ms. 14 going to make sushi for us in TLV? :)

Savtadotty said...

Claude, if you were a teacher of teenagers, you have definitely earned the right to a permanent vacation. I'd post pictures, but I don't have my uploading-cable with me.

Savtadotty said...

Nominally - The knitting was their idea! I'll Ms. 14 to stay over after one of her Friday morning shopping-on-Sheinkin expeditions for the purpose of making sushi for us. A soup-and sushi salon!