Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Diary When I Was Ten (Updated*)

*Update: photo showing price, 39 cents! Endupdate*

A little encouragement goes a long way with me. Now that I've discovered my girlhood diaries (yes, there are more!) - the one I kept at age 10 is the first - you will be the first to know what I thought worthy of recording for Posterity. It's more a "diary" in the British sense of the word, that is, a daily planner, only in this case, after the fact.

Here are a few choice selections from October:

October 18, Saturday - Dear Diary, Road [sic] on the subway by self home from sewing lesson. [It must have been my first solo subway ride...I remember it was for one station.]

October 22, Wednesday - Dear Diary, Went to Dentist.

October 23, Thursday - Dear Diary, Went to Girl Scouts. We got cookie books. Fixed my dress [the sewing project].

October 24, Friday - Dear Diary, Sold TEN boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Went to dancing school.

October 25, Saturday - Dear Diary, Sold EIGHT boxes today. Sewing lesson.

October 26, Sunday - Dear Diary, Went to Central Park with B [my best friend]. Cousin Lucy [yes, that Cousin Lucy!] was here.

I find it interesting what I left out: no mention of school, no mention of meals, no mention of family, no mention of my impressions of anything. All the juicy stuff is omitted. Just the facts, ma'am. That changes when I get to be a teenager.


John said...

I love the font on the diary cover!

Claude said...

I cannot believe that you still have your diary of when you were ten. I did keep diaries then, but they have all disappeared!

Savtadotty said...

John, I love the font too!

Claude, I am a true pack rack, although selective because I don't want to live crowded in by my stuff, like the Collier brothers of long ago.