Monday, December 25, 2006

My 4th Grade Report Card

1940's NYC Report Card
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The vonderful Noorster is helping me to albumise my family photo collection, which dates back before 1900. Without her assistance I had nothing but a bookshelf full of old albums plus a wicker trunk full of loose photos. I am happy to report we have reached the 1940's in this project. Even though the volume of photos increases with each decade, so does the likelihood that I know the names of the subjects!

Scattered in amongst the photos are some early letters and a few report cards: here's my 4th grade report, showing the only U (unsatisfactory) grade I ever received in school, for talking too much. I was nine years old and mortified.

You can see my mother's 5th grade report card (1907!) here.


Fred said...

Excellent post. I can still remember my old report cards, too. It was a cardboard form with either a U, S or E. My, how times have changed.

Happy New Year!

Keith said...

Very nice. Old report cards have a way of digging up memories that other things don't even begin to touch.

I was in junior high when a teacher wrote a comment on my report card that I'll never forget:

"Keith needs to learn that he does not know everything."