Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Arrivederci Dascha

My gig at the dascha is over. It was indeed more fun than I expected, partly because there were no serious breakdowns (once the gas man came with refills), and mostly because my two charges were delicious and entertaining. Also, because the weather was so fine, I got to meet the next door neighbor as we were both out sunning ourselves on Tuesday afternoon. Imagine a lively and beautiful 82-year-old woman who turns out to be married to a Holocaust survivor; they have been working together for the last 50 years as...Puppeteers! Now they are really busy getting ready for the next tour of puppet shows for Purim. Their circuit is schools, nursey schools, and kibbutzim. She and hubby do it all: building the puppets, making the costumes, designing the sets, writing the scripts, and performing. I think I'll have to go back very soon.

Without Shuki, though. The strain of hiding from three cats wore her out. As soon as we got home at 7 last evening she went to sleep, and didn't really wake up this moning until around 10AM. I wonder whether I'll have to find another vacation arrangement for her next time I travel?

It is so good to be home again, though. For one thing, I have time to read more blogs. Here's a most interesting one I just found, written by Abu Salam, a blogger who claims to be in Beirut, Lebanon, and promises to write about "Cultural Learnings of Israel and the West for Make Benefit Glorious Arab Nation." I say it's about time! Is he the next incarnation of Borat?

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Jo said...

Welcome home! May your connection always be fast, and your knitting faster still!