Sunday, May 13, 2007

Plugging in to the World my Family

After Plugging into the World, and joining Fausta, Judith, and Noam in an impromptu podcast from my "blogging room," I got word from my cousin Miriam's granddaughter Hilary that she and Miriam will be doing a weekly show on blogtalkradio, Call Your Nana, starting this coming Tuesday, May 16, at 1PM 4PM Los Angeles time. If you want to hear it live, and have the opportunity to call in and be part of the show, you can tell blogtalkradio now to send you an email reminder then, based on your very own time zone. All shows are archived, so you can just listen any time after the broadcast. I listened to Hil and Miriam on their pilot show and it was really weird to realize that anyone on the Internet will be able to participate in the conversations we used to have in each other's kitchens.

Welcome to my cyberspace family!