Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Blocked Teapot and the New Middle East

Teapot and the New Middle EastTeapot BlockageThe New Middle EastOnce I read your suggestions for unblocking my teapot spout, I realized that you needed to see the problem with your own eyes - or at least a photo of the problem. Be sure to look at both photos 1 and 2 to appreciate the complexity we are dealing with.

And while we're dealing with complexities, and simply because it was still on the kitchen table leftover from Friday's lively Soup Salon, have a closer look at the diagram of the New Middle East, with the borders redrawn by the Squire of the Dascha. I added some annotations to clarify the otherwise - and perhaps even still - baffling collection of blobs. And do not make the mistake I made of misreading Shiite as Smith, and wondering whether the Mormons were also entering into the territorial disputes in our region?

I'm beginning to think the two problems are somehow intertwined and will have to be solved together.


Claude said...

I'm beginning to think the two problems are somehow intertwined and will have to be solved together/i>

Then you might want to buy a new teapot ;) Or am I being overly pessimistic?

Udge said...

Tricky. First thing is that the wad has probably dried out by now and may be stuck to the sides of the spout. Fill body of teapot and spout with water to re-moistify the wad, then use a pipe cleaner or two from inside the pot to push the wad back up the spout.

Chancy said...

Try a thin metal wire from inside the teapot spout. Push the cotton up and out.

Immerse the teapot, spout and all, in pan of water and leave overnight. Shake it out.

Google it for a solution.
Good luck

Chancy said...

I have to chuckle because after I suggested that you "Google" your teapot spout problem, I did just that and guess what was the first link out of 16,700 that appeared on Google.


Results 1 - 10 of about 16,700 for cotton stuck in spout of teapot.

"Cousin Lucy's SpoonI'm happy to report that the inside of my teapot is sparkly white again. ... And now there is a wad of cotton stuck in the spout, which is all classically ... - 35k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this "

Savtadotty said...

Claude - I know that buying a new teapot is the most staightforward solution, but I have a sentimental attachment to this one...I bought it in Holland in 1960. No wonder it needed a thorough cleaning!

Udge - I think I'll have to try seven pipe cleaners at once, because that's how many holes there are and that pesky cotton seems to migrate when I chase it with one.

Chancy - I'll try picture wire. Thanks. I love the brushes, and I can't believe I emerged as #1 on google. You mean thousands of people are trying to clean their teapot spouts this very day?

Sage said...

In the previous post, I suggest compressed air. You might have missed it. It comes in cans with a little plastic straw. I use it for blowing crumbs out of my keyboard.