Friday, July 06, 2007

"Everything is Deeply Intertwingled"*

*Theodor Nelson

Yet another connection revealed: My fairy godson Nominally Challenged regularly reads a blog by Lawrence Schimel. NC and I have known each other ever since he moved to Tel Aviv many years ago. During the course of that time, NC sang with a mixed choral group of Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs called Voices for Peace. I mentioned to NC that my niece Ellen Kushner had a nationally syndicated radio show of folk/ethnic/world music, and she might want to play the Voices for Peace CD on the air. Even though Ellen lived in Boston at the time, I sent a copy of the CD to a friend in New York for delivery to Ellen, because I knew Ellen was planning to move to New York and I wanted them to meet, which they eventually did, but by that time I had forgotten about the CD and I suspect my NY friend did too.

In the meantime, NC moved on from music-making to other art forms, and Ellen and her partner Delia Sherman moved from Boston to New York. (I suppose I'll have to go back to New York to make sure my friend delivers that CD, so it seems my personal delivery service vacation may be cut short).

Anyhow, yesterday, NC reported to me that Lawrence had posted text and photo about his lunch with his friends Ellen and Delia in Madrid.

Conclusion: Readers, no matter where you go, the Blogosphere is watching you!


Terri said...

It really IS amazing how small this blog world is. I've run into the same thing a couple of times.
SIDENOTE: That gorgeous lavender color knitted vest caught my eye on your sidebar. Just beautiful!

nominally challenged said...


I'd even forgotten that you'd sent that CD to Ellen (or at least, part of the way to Ellen).

And Terri, that vest is a story in and of itself - another one of Savtadotty's amazing creations.

Jeanne said...

Out of curiosity, I just had a quick look at the photos and, without knowing, immidiately guessed who is your nice. The simmilarities between the two of you are amazing, has anyone mentioned that you you?!

Savtadotty said...

Aww, thanks fo the compliment. I wrote a post about that vest when I was working on it, here

I wonder whether I'll be able to track down that CD. It's probably a moot point, because Ellen isn't doing any new episodes of Sound & Spirit just now.

I've noticed the resemblance too, and the funny thing is, Ellen and I are not genetically related: she is my ex-husband's brother's daughter!