Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Your Own Private Lebanon *****UPDATED****

********ANOTHER UPDATE**********
Here is a link to Lisa's first installment write-up of her Beirut experience, on Pajamas Media. And here is a link to a video of the Channel 10 broadcast (warning: it's in Hebrew).

Lisa's piece of reporting from Beirut will be broadcast on Israel's Channel 10 tonight (Wednesday, July 11), 8 pm news broadcast

Erstwhile reporter Lisa Goldman has been doing some stealth research in Lebanon, and has come back to tell the tale. We were concerned about her safety while she was there, so last week I received an SMS to announce that she was home safe.

That same day I got an email from my friend Miriam, who was visiting her family back in the USA, to tell me she'd be back on Monday with lots of news from Lebanon.

It took me a few seconds' of confusion before I remembered that Miriam's family live in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

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PPB said...

Hey, I used to live near Lebanon....Pennsylvania.