Friday, January 18, 2008

Everything But Soup

Today's Soup Salon will include everything but soup. In celebration of my return from the long, possibly record-breaking sejour at the hospital, my dear friends are preparing the food and I have been told not to lift a finger. This makes typing rather difficult, but I soldier on. Can't wait to see what surprises are in store, and it helps that today is beautiful, sunny and mild, so who needs soup anyhow?


Claude said...

Looking forward to see what your friend have concocted! ;)
Must feel good to be home!

Lioness said...

"This makes typing rather difficult, but I soldier on." This had me laughing, it's just... funny!

Hope you had a brilliant time being fed. Literally.

Chancy said...

I am glad you are well enough to be back home. Take good care of yourself.

Janet aka Chancy

Savtadotty said...

Claude, I know you of all people will find this hard to believe, but I forgot to take pictures of the feast, and now it's all gone.

Lioness, I must admit I'm glad I can resume lifting my fingers: I might even start playing the piano again!

Chancy, Thank you and I will try my very best to keep up the self-care regime I was assigned at discharge. Anything to avoid hospital food!