Friday, April 11, 2008

Florida Home Base

Florida Home Base
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I can't believe I've done this, but I've rented a storage locker. In Florida. To store the stuff I couldn't bear to throw away, and didn't want to store in Israel. I shipped it in dribs and drabs from Los Angeles last week, and then I shipped myself here on Sunday. I arrived Monday morning, and the last box arrived today.

It's not as crazy as it seems: plans are afoot for a family slide-viewing-and-culling party next winter, and my family for some reason finds it easier to get to Florida than to Israel. And I've just discovered the Library of Congress Veteran's History Project, where they're collecting WWII memorabilia, such as those I've stored in a box or two, so I would be sending them to Washington, DC eventually anyhow. Easier and cheaper to do so from Florida than from Tel Aviv.

This storage locker is within walking distance of my son's house, so i can putter and sort independently on future visits. Isn't that thrilling?

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Anonymous said...

makes good sense to me, at least!