Friday, April 18, 2008

Hooked on The Wire

My addictions were pretty bland even by contemporary standards: smoked cigarettes for a few years, quit twice, once cold-turkey, and once with the help of the SmokeEnders program. Drank coffee starting at age 20 consistently one-two cups a day. Loved chocolate, but not enough to really binge. Drank alcohol in moderation until the old-lady phenomenon of falling asleep in the middle of the first drink caught up with me. Took up Diet Coke as part of my acculturation to Israel - they use a better formula here, I can taste the difference every time I try one in the USA. even like to eat, but haven't been even slightly overweight since my 30's.

Finally, maybe as my last Hurrah, I have succumbed to "The Wire" and my own daughter turned me on to it. The irony is, I remember worrying through her entire adolescence about possible drug use, because even though we lived in a middle-class safe neighborhood, some of her nice Jewish friends did get into trouble, but she never did. And now I'm using and she's pushing. God, I always knew You had a sense of humor!

Happy Passover everyone. On to episode 10, Season One.

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