Saturday, October 11, 2008

My granddaughter, the realtor

Source: Via YouTube viaarwen (screenplay) via elswhere (editor) and colleagues at greenspanbuxprod.

Deserves an Oscar for editing, costumes, production design, sound track, sound editing, and acting. I think I'm biased, but is that any reason for me to recuse myself in this day and age?


nominally challenged said...

LOL @ "the credit crunch" at the very end.

I think there's a hollywood future in there somewhere :)

Savtadotty said...

I almost missed the crunch after the credits (!)

Fred said...

Oh, that was good. I loved the "Drunk Bank."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

brill! aaah, hapiness with countertops. :-D
K. of I.F.