Sunday, November 30, 2008

So many people in the world

This is not a new discovery, but whenever I go on a trip, I discover it all over again. The airports, the roads, the trains, the sidewalks, the shops, are so full of people: every one of them has a story to tell. And I want to hear it! What's with this curiosity? Are we all born with it, but become too busy writing our own story to have time for anyone else's? I imagine sitting around the tribal campfire listening to everyone's dreams on a regular basis. Who needs movies or TV?

Long ago my mother said, "every performer needs an audience." She was such a wise woman; she's been gone for 28 years and I still miss her.


Fred said...

Whenever I use to go to New York City, I tried to find a bench in midtown and watch a slice of the world I found fascinating.

Lioness said...

I love going to Anglo countries bcs they never draw the curtains, since they have central heating (and even in Summer, I think?), and even though it's very rude I find it fascinating to see how the rooms are furnished. Whenever I am walking the dog here I look up and see glimpses of the rooms and I always want to ring doorbells and ask people to let me have a quick look. The closeted anthropologist, at your service!

(And hugs.)

(Oh, word verification is condom, how very actual!)

Maria said...

I love to listen in on coversations in restaurants and sometimes I would love to walk over to the table with an interesting conversation and add my two cents worth. How bad is that!

Savtadotty said...

Fred, I know you love your life in Florida, but I am sad that sitting on a bench there doesn't provide as much stimulation.

Lioness, I think if people don't want to display their furniture, they should close (draw) their curtains!

Maria, Listening in on conversations is indeed fun. It's my main motivation for learning Hebrew these days!

Gila said...

Your interest in other people is what makes you so interesting!