Friday, April 23, 2010


I have bought an apartment in Florida very near my son and his family.

My granddaughters made me do it, although they don't know it. Not having had a grandparent as I grew up, I had no idea what grandparenting - or should I say grandchilding? - involved, but living in the intensely familial atmosphere of Israel for 22 years has demonstrated its many benefits at one remove. These little girls are now 5 and 9, and the years seem to be accelerating. As they mature, I want to know them as people and be involved in some of their day-to-day events. I have no medical reason to expect my life to end soon, but it will end someday, and it would be nice to be able to say "Goodbye" to my children in person, not to mention the advantage of having their advocacy in the face of institutions that - everywhere in the developed world - are mostly geared to curing. To paraphrase Leonard Cohen, "There ain't no cure for [mortality] love."

If I could afford it, I would also buy an apartment near my daughter, but she happens to live in the Pacific Northwest, where real estate was almost unaffected by the recent bursting bubble, so financial considerations prevent that. Being on the same continent as she should make it easier for us to spend more time together.

As it is, I will still be in Israel for part of the year, so there remains the problem of summer heat in both Tel Aviv and Florida. Air-conditioning is not a solution for someone whose preference is walking to do daily life errands: grocery shopping, post office, bank, walking the dog, etc. Anyone need a responsible house-sitter in a place that's nice and cool in August?


Shari said...

Mazal tov! It looks really nice.
I'd also love to have somewhere cool to escape to in August. Why can't I have any relatives in Norway?

lynne said...

I love the new apartment! I hope that you will spend many happy days there. It is wonderful to be able to live near family!

Savtadotty said...

Shari - Thank you! I feel the same way, only while I'm wishing, I wish for relatives in Iceland! I went there last summer and loved it.

Savtadotty said...

Lynne - Thank you so much! I'm wondering whether I'll feel like I'm living there or just visiting for a long time. Or maybe it won't make any difference?

Kelly @ Impowerage said...

I grew up beside my grandmother and loved being to visit her all the time. Now my children live next door to their grandparents as well and we love it. While not everyone can do this it is the best way to stay connected and helps the parents somewhat with babysitting. I learned so much from my grandmother and was much closer to her than my other grandmother who only lived an hour away.

Savtadotty said...

Kelly, How lucky for your children that you were able to re-create your good experience with your grandmother! Your words are very encouraging, thank you.