Sunday, April 17, 2011

Landlady Savta

Owning two homes is not an indicator of wealth: it's an indicator of having beloved family in North America and having a life in Tel Aviv. To finance this dilemma, I plan to rent out whichever home I'm not in. So far, the plan is to be based in Israel for seven months, Florida for the remaining five. The Florida home is in a resort town, and the "high season" starts in January, so that's when that home is available for rent.

Tel Aviv is a year-round place, but I realized that my absence coincides with the academic calendar's Fall semester, so I've listed my Tel Aviv apartment on a web site called Sabbatical Homes. To make it tenant-friendly, my dear friend and professional Interior Designer Danny Isaacs helped me re-configure the living spaces and the result is so lovely I'm planning to keep it this way year-round!

If you know a couple or a single person looking to make a four- or five-month sojourn in Israel between the months of August and January, not necessarily an academic, but necessarily responsible and honest, please tell them about my wonderfully-located home.

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