Saturday, March 10, 2007


Why would I rather spend my time playing with this instead of throwing stuff away? What's with "lassu" and "drayg"? is that the way they talk in Canadian?


nominally challenged said...

Oh how COOL! I wanna!!

And I don't care how they say drag or lasso (by the way, FWIW, we read that word as 'lassu' as well ...)

Udge said...

(picks up jaw, reattaches) Wow. I would love to have that on my Macs.

"Lassu" is correct, but "drayg" is pure southern US: the people who made "land" a three-syllable word.

Anonymous said...

I beat you to this lovely piece of amazingness: June 22nd, 2006. :)

JoeinVegas said...

I was hoping for something to replace my meaningless piles, not to reproduce them on a computer.
I had a challenging time at the start, blinded by the flash of that ring.