Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bedroom Turned Green

Bedroom Turned Green
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It turned out the camera problem was dead batteries. Even though I though I had recharged them. To be determined: whether they were simply not recharged or whether they are incapable of being recharged.

Now you can see the results of the painting. And note the bookcase is back in position and almost full, so you know what I've been doing lately. However, the flash does distort the color; the one photo I took without flash is definitely closer to the color my eyes see. And I would post it up there next to the other photo, but I am html-challenged.


Anonymous said...

Something weird with your blog page, at least on firefox. One sees the top post, and then a very long blank, and one wonders why she can't comment, and finally, going down down the page, the same post is reposted with the possibility of commenting and more posts beneath.

This said, I like the green of your bedroom, even better without flash!
I empathize, I've just been through painting and carpetting and hated every minute of it, except the end!

Anonymous said...

I am having the same pb with Safari, which usually behaves like Internet Explorer

SavtaDotty said...

Claude, thanks for telling me. I have the problem with my Firefox too, so I'll ask the Bookworm to please fix it.

I'm glad you're at least pleased with the results of your labors. So am I!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this video yet?

The person on "Something, Something" wonders why the world has gone mad, not understanding that she only needs to look as far as her own mirror.

I sympathize with Israel and of course with the rest of the world who will have to suffer because of the mental illness of liberalism. But I can hardly sympathize with a liberal like her who because of her difference with her fellow Lefties on just one issue (Israel of course) finds herself in the same firing line the rest of us finds ourselves in.

To me, that is just poetic justice.

By the way, it is interesting how she is beginning to change her tune about the Palestinians. Before she went to Israel she had all her preconceived notions about them but the longer and longer she is in Israel the reality is setting in.

Well, it has been said a liberal is only a liberal until that person is mugged. It seems like that axiom is being played out on "Something, Something."

Again, it is hard to feel sympathy for her. My sympathy is for all the undeserving victims of those with this mental illness known as liberalism.

SavtaDotty said...

Hi Anonymous - I am wondering why you chose to make your comment about somethingsomething's post on my blog instead of hers?

However, out of curiosity, I did watch (part of) the link you included, and I agree with many of Evan Sayet's sentiments. However, he too is guilty of oversimplification. His Good vs. Evil arguments as applied to global affairs do not result in "success," which he never defines, but at best, delayed escalation. IN personal relations this is called Passive-Agressive behavior. The biggest enemy of peace is Ignorance and Fear, not Stupidity or Wrongess. Wisdom comes with experience and learning how to build trust. Let's hope we all live long enought to cultivate both.

Anonymous said...

It's because like all liberals who believe in the Freedom of Speech, she censors her blog (when liberals say freedom of speech what they really mean is freedom of THEIR speech).

But I did post something there for her though she has yet to post it or respond to it.

I don't know if Sayet totally gets the reason liberals are so messed up on their thinking that it turns them towards evil. I think he has a very good explanation for the passive liberal follower, but for the true activist, there must be something evil in their soul. Surely the really active leftists can’t be that blind to the evil they support, can they?

What interests me about the Something, Something gal, is that if she wasn't an Israeli, if she had just stayed in America and didn't feel such a close connection with Israel, she would be out there boycotting Israel like the rest of them.

I also find it interesting to see her evolution as it relates to the Palestinians. She has admitted and indeed I have read in previous posts her sympathy for the Palestinian “plight.”. That obviously came from her life in liberal America.

But the longer she has lived in Israel the longer she gets "mugged" by the reality about what the Palestinians are all about. And slowly she is realizing that the left in America was wrong about the Palestinians all along.

I just loved her statement about being "sick to death of the ignorance and the double standards " as it relates to Israel. But of course ignorance and double standards is what liberalism is all about.

It is hard to have sympathy or rejoice however about her slowly realizing the errors of her ways. Too many people have paid high costs for her to come to her senses and the only reason she has (or at least slowly beginning to) change is because the issue of Israel affects her so deeply. Yeah, she is under conversion, but it is a conversion for selfish reasons and only on the issue of Israel. Her wrongheaded leftist thinking is still in place on issues that don't affect her directly.

Her final quote is just the topping on the cake. She says, “I can't help but wonder what kind of earth-shattering catastrophe will be required to wake people up. And then I wonder if they even want to.” And of course the answer is that for the liberal mindset nothing will wake these people up. Liberalism is a mental disorder. If Israel gets blown away, then just like Sayet’s analogy, the Left will say – “they probably deserved it”.

What is really scary is when you see Jews in America actively participate in Israel’s (as well as the rest of the West’s) destruction. Last year in one Congressional District in America the Jews community helped to get the first Muslim ever elected to Congress. They did this even though the guy the Muslim was running against was a Jew. The Jewish culture has resulted in great things and great minds have come from the Jewish Culture such as Einstein, but within Jewish Culture there seems to be this self-destruct characteristic to that is quite frightening to those of us who don’t want to see the downfall of Judeo-Christian Civilization. The self-hating Jew might spell the end of us all.

Anonymous said...

Last year in one Congressional District in America the Jewish community helped to get the first Muslim ever elected to Congress. They did this even though the guy the Muslim was running against was a Jew.

What kind of suicidal thinking is that? Where in the Jewish Cultural, in the Jewish mindset does such self destructive behavior come from?

Anonymous said...

I have often read through that Something Something blog, and you are right. If she wasn't an Israeli, but instead stayed in America she would be all for boycotts against Israel.

The liberals seem to be pretty united when it comes to supporting issues. She would have bought their lie about being "victimized" by the Israelis.

I read her during the war, and in many ways she is doing in Israel, the same thing that the Left is doing in America that is leading to America's destruction. American Liberals have taken over most American Institutions and now are using them to destroy America from within.

If anyone knows anything about viruses it is a perfect analogy.

The virus will infect an healthy cell and turn it into a threat to the body. That is like how the left has infected American instituions.

The AIDS virus in particular compares well with liberal idelogy. The AIDS virus isn't deadly, not in of itself, but what it does is it makes the human body attack the white blood cells. The white blood cells usually performs the function of fighting germs. The human body comes into contact with germs all the time but only rarely do people get sick because the white blood cells do their job.

So, lets consider the white blood cells as being like the institutions within a country that protects it against foreign germs who would harm the body (the country). With AIDS as I said, the body attacks the very cells that is supposed to protect it. It acts as though the white blood cells are the threat, not the foreign germs. Once the immune system (or in a society the instuitions like the military, law enforcement, etc) is destroyed then even relatively weak germs can destroy the human body. It's the germs that do the ultimate killing of the body but it wouldn't have been able to be so lethal if it wasn't for the AIDS making the body attack the very cells that would have protected it.

Well, I feel that the comparsion is so clear I don't even need to explain it further. Al Quada is pathetic. Hardly a match for a strong society. But, the fact that Al Quada could do such damage on 9-11 was due to the weakness we have suffered due to the intellectual AIDS that has crippled our society.

It is good to see that the Something Something person is beginning to stop promoting intellectual AIDS within Israel society in regards to the Palestinians, but she still helps to cripple Israel in the other ways she spreads her intellectual AIDS. The only thing I can say about her is Thank God she no longer lives in America, but unfortunately we have a great supply of those who promote this mental illness, this intellectual AIDS in our society, so there were plenty of people to pick up whatever slack she caused by leaving.

Anonymous said...

i like it!

Udge said...

What does all that crud have to do with green walls? (nice, BTW)

SavtaDotty said...

Samirah - I'm glad you like it. It's truly gorgeous in real life.

Udge - Welcome to Israel!