Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Pie From the Sky, Part Four

Apple Pie All Gone
Originally uploaded by savtadotty.
Shuki looks reproachful, after doing a thorough pre-wash of the pie dish. (Why does the flash make her eyes white? The "fix red eye" feature of my photo editing software can't fix white eyes.)

Don't worry about germs. I just got a brand new dood shemesh (that's solar water-heater in English) and the water is now hot hot hot. Besides, they say there are fewer germs in dog saliva than in human.


Third Street said...

I assume you used the Settlement Cookbook recipe for apple pie.

Udge said...

I hadn't quite grasped the scale of the previous photos. That was either a huge pie, or a small dog.

The white-eye effect is pretty wierd, but OTOH maybe red-eye is purely human. When you see deer (or cats) in the headlights, their eyes are not red.

Are there any vets or biology majors reading this, who could enlighten us?

Savtadotty said...

Smartmom: No, actually I used the recipe from The Joy of Cooking. The ingredients and methods are the same, but the presentation in "Joy" is easier to follow.

Udge: Shuki weighs about 12 pounds, so she's small: the pie was not huge - it's a 9 1/2-inch pie plate, if that means anything to you.