Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Savta Dotty's Treasure House (4)

Settlement Cookbook
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Welcome back to Savta Dotty's Treasure House! It is chock full of things you have never seen before, and probably never even heard of! Wow!

For example, Savta Dotty's own mommy's copy of The Settlement Cookbook, circa 1926.

Long before cookbooks were invented, we used to have relatives. However, when Savta Dotty's own mommy got married to Mr. Dotty, a cookbook was a special, newfangled wedding gift. And the hands-down favorite cookbook in their set was The Settlement Cookbook. The subtitle, "The Way to A Man's Heart," may seem anachronistic, but it's not. The flowers were a gift from a beau of Savta Dotty's who stopped by to sample her apple pie on Valentine's Day.

How many people do you know who still have their own mommy's Settlement Cookbook?

That's why The Settlement Cookbook is one of Savta Dotty's Treasures.

Ya'll come back real soon to see more Treasures!


Third Street said...

I have one that belonged to my Grandmother Ethel. It looks just like that and there were all kinds of notes stuffed into it. It's lovely.

Savtadotty said...

I took the notes out of mine for the photo shoot. It's a 13th edition. What edition was your Grandmother Ethel's? (they're still selling them on Amazin')

Third Street said...

She got married in the late 1920's and probably got it when she first got married. I'm looking around for the book and I think I may have thrown it away inadvertantly. Dang.

PPB said...

So cool, my grandmother still has hers. I don't think she uses it anymore, though.