Friday, January 21, 2005

Savta Dotty's Treasure House (3)

Welcome to Savta Dotty's Treasure House! It is chock full of things you have never seen before, and probably never even heard of!

For example, Savta Dotty's children's baby teeth. Wow! Is that cool or what?*

How many people do you know whose mommy has saved their baby teeth for more than 30 years? Some mommies even know which baby teeth belong to which child. Those are extra good mommies!

I guess Savta Dotty is a so-so mommy, because she doesn't remember which teeth belong to Elswhere and which teeth belong to Prowesslessnesslessness. Can you tell? (The DNA home testing kit seems to be missing.)

Even so, her children's baby teeth are Savta Dotty's Treasures.

Ya'll come back real soon to the Tooth Fairy Crash Pad, to see more Treasures!

* Response to the uncensored image did not please my more squeamish readers, so I moved it to a more discreet part of the treasure house, where the morbidly curious can still view it.


elswhere said...

Ack! Ack! My baby teeth are on the Internet!

I'm kind of glad you don't know whose are whose. It affords my sad, cavity-addled teeth a tiny simulacrum of anonymity.

But hey, wait-- I thought the tooth fairy took them?! How'd you get them back?

Savtadotty said...

Soon your house will be a Tooth Fairy Crash Pad too! (The Tooth Fairy negotiates with parents after a suitable period of time has elapsed. I'm guessing Miss No Trick will figure that out pretty quickly.)

The Lioness said...

You could make a really pretty necklace! I have one w animal's teeth - doesn't look gory at all, though 9i dont wear it much for some reason.

Savtadotty said...

I was thinking more of a bracelet, but got put off by a commercialized Tooth Fairy Bracelet targeted at moms and dads who want to defy Western tradition and buy their way back to the Native American Bead Nexus. The Tooth Fairy Bracelet consists of beads to be exchanged one at a time for each tooth under the child's pillow, ultimately completing a bracelet. This is not at all what I had in mind. My objective is for the *collector* of the teeth to get the jewelry...elswhere and Prowesslessnesslessness now have new, bigger, better teeth, I know Prowesslessnesslessness doesn't wear bracelets, and they have both already received cold, hard, cash from the Tooth Fairy, which they invested wisely in toys and comic books (note: coins are colder and harder than paper).

Savtadotty said...

Uh oh. I don't wear bracelets either.

Anonymous said...

Good God! Those are elswhere's teeth! That's horrifying! And strangely fascinating!


squarepeg said...

I still have all my 12-yr-old's teeth in a little ol'fashioned film container -- she gets a big kick out of it! Soon it'll be too gross though.