Sunday, March 13, 2005

Walking the Dog

"Al Tizachen!"
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Today was a nice day, not hot, not cold, a few clouds. In addition to the usual checklist of items before leaving the house for "Shuki's" walk - keys, pooping paper, cellphone, trash for the big green bin outside - I decided to bring my camera along. I thought I would try to show my Tel Aviv, especially for those of you dear readers who have never been here, and possible will never visit. This is all setting the stage for my big oeuvre (in progress) on why and how I came to live here. When I read a mystery, I usually check to see whodoneit when I'm about halfway through, so I can enjoy the writer's skill building up the suspense and planting clues from that point in the story. So why not start my saga of moving to Israel at the end? That is, the end so far...walking my dog today. You can see more photos from the walk at


Noorster said...

I looked at your pictures and they filled me up with a kind of longing that made me want to cry. Why am I not there again?
And please DO write that mystery. Can't wait!

Savtadotty said...

OK, OK. I'm working on it. Really. Sporadically. If too much time goes by (you decide how much time that is), please do remind me again that somebody wants to read it.