Thursday, March 10, 2005

Savta Dotty's Treasure House (5)

French Medal
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Welcome to Savta Dotty's Treasure House! It is chock full of things you have never seen before, and probably never even heard of! Wow!

What with all this talk about foreign accents, here is Savta Dotty's own French Medal.

Savta Dotty enjoyed her French studies so much that she spent a college summer living with a family in France. The family didn't speak any English at all. By the end of that summer, Savta Dotty was thinking and dreaming in French. She has yet to reach that level of fluency in Hebrew :-(

How many people do you know who have a 50-year-old medal for High School French?

That's why her French Medal is one of Savta dotty's Treasures.

Ya'll come back real soon to see more Treasures!


sirbarrett said...

I love it when I dream in french! Congrats to you! I got a canoe award once, wish I didn't lose it. Oh well! Always fun to see the treasures.

Nurse Mia said...

How fun! I love memorabilia with stories and how wonderful that you are preserving them by posting this one in your blog!