Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Everyone is Mortal

Not that I have any life-threatening conditions, but you never know. And since my middle bro died while walking to work, two minutes' distance from home, in his 60's, and my dad took a nap and never woke up, also in his 60's, I figure it could happen. So here's what I want you all to know...I've had a wonderful life, keep on blogging, the Seculife alarm company phone number is 1-700-505066, and a copy of my will is in the "W" folder in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet.

Please take this post at face value; I didn't write it to be melodramatic or to scare anyone. Just to make myself feel good. And I do.

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The Lioness said...

I'm happy you had a wonderful life. Also happy you feel can make yourself feel good by saying it. I also mean no melodrama when I say it's been lovely meeting you. Just so you know bcs it's true, we never know.