Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Trumped in Booland

As you know, I came to visit my granddaughter Mermaid Girl in time for her fifth birthday. And as thrilled as she was with the many gifts she received from her friends and relatives, none was as spectacular as the pink cowboy boots from her very cool 90-year-old Great-Grandmother.

It's hard to tear your eyes away from the boots, but if you do you can catch a glimpse of the hem of a flourescent polka-dot nightgown from one of the many stylish kid's clothes shops on Sheinkin Street.

We've been busy playing with the 168-piece build-your-own-make-believe-aquarium set, complete with mermaids and various other sea creatures, making fairies from a build-your-own-fairies set, taking pictures with her new (digital!) camera, reading some good stories, and generally having special times together. I've also finally seen Rug Rats and Angelina Ballerina videos, removing a huge gap in my cultural grounding.

It's also fun to blog upstairs and hear Elswhere tap-tapping away at her computer downstairs.

And so far, the requisite heat wave has stayed away.


Fred said...

Cool boots. I know three girls (mine, that is) that have had pairs similar to those.

The Lioness said...

Oh I like the Rugrats (*clears throat* written together you know) AND the boots too. I'm not a fan of cowbot boots but those are rather fabulous.