Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Unpacking - Found Old Meme Tag

The last pile of papers and the last list leftover from my Big Summer Trip included a meme that Udge tagged me with back on August 1.

Five personal idiosyncracies:

1. I love to untangle knots

2. I hate to go to another room unless I have at least two reasons

3. I watch all the credits at the end of a movie

4. I could hang out all day at an office supply store

5. I don't like to shop

Let's see, whom to tag? elswhere, fred, and john. Gotcha!


Fred said...

Oh, no. Another meme that's going to make me think. It'll take awhile, but I'll get to it. I have another one that's in the queue; be patient!

BTW - my family hates when I insist that we watch the credits. Disney finally made it cool when they put the "bloopers" in their Pixar films.

Udge said...

Thanks for playing! Four and five are an unusual combination, or doesn't "officed supplies" count as shopping? (Or do you really just hang out without buying anything?)

Savtadotty said...

Fred - sometimes I actually see names in the credits of people I know, and more often I see names that I remember from other movies...I guess it's just part of my "quote your sources" obsession.

Udge - I really love to hang out and see what new office stuff they have. The only things I buy are pens and scotch tape.

That Girl said...

Im right with you on #3 & #5, and that untangling knots thing - i have a kid, his biggest love in life is to tie knots in things. Im sending him over to your house immediatly.

John said...

I'm thinking! I'm thinking!
What am I supposed to do exactly?

Savtadotty said...

That Girl - Please send him...I miss my Mermaid Girl and my Little Bear. Note Unaccompanied Minors must be over five years old, and direct flights connections.

John - You're supposed to copy the meme onto your blog, post your own answers, and "tag" (notify somehow) three more bloggers.

Julie said...

Ohhhhhh, yeah! Office supplies! Me too!