Saturday, October 29, 2005

wikimeises or meiseswiki

In a burst of lateral thinking, I decided to invent wikimeises, or maybe it's meiseswiki? Since I have no idea how to create a wiki, I leave that to you younger folks. However, from meises I know a little. They are - strictly speaking - Yiddish tales or myths. The most commonly-known meises are bubbameises, or grandma's tales. The interesting thing about bubbameises is, ongoing scientific research sometimes proves them valid. Now that I am becoming chronologically-advantaged, these discoveries are heart-warming indications that we grandmas might still have some worthwhile life-experience to share, albeit gleaned without batteries, surge-protectors, crash-helmets, or professionally-installed carseats.

For example, chicken soup. Some medical researchers - probably during a snivelly flu season - decided to test the bubbameise about chicken soup being good for colds, and voila! It is!

Another meise I remember is "Feed a cold, starve a fever." For the one reader who knows the difference, this could be written as "Feed a cold; starve a fever." Does the the comma represent "therefore" and the the semicolon "but"? Which is it? I don't know. And does either one work? Don't know that either.

How about making funny faces? I seem to remember being cautioned that my face could get stuck that way. (Maybe it did.)

Feel free to contribute your own bubbameises either via comments here or posts on your own blog. One day they could be canonized in a wiki devoted to meises.


Noorster said...

The one that springs to mind first is "don't sit down on that [cold surface], because later on you won't be able to have children".

Fred said...

Or - eating vegatables makes you grow up big and strong. My parents used to feed me lima beans growing up - the worst food known to man.

Have a great week!

Noorster said...

Speaking of vegetables, eating raw carrots enhances eyesight.