Monday, January 16, 2006

I've Won! I've Won! (Updated)

Winner of the Spanglemonkey OY! I Live How Far Away? Excellent Grandmothering Award, 2005! "The blogosphere's Bubbie," according to Grace Davis (thank you! thank you!)

Having often tasted the joys of hiding my charms under a bushel (a bushel of what? I always wonder), I am certainly ambivalent about celebrity, because of its concomitant responsibilities to The Adoring Public and the Loss of Privacy. Nevertheless, I find having won a Spanglemonkey award to be a truly gratifying experience (even without mentioning the financial benefits, and the television appearances). First of all, because of the deceptive inclusivity. Anyone who reads Spanglemonkey can win won one. The inclusivity is deceptive, because it excludes pretty much all the people who think they don't have time to read five or seven posts a day even though doing so would be a better use of their time than just about anything I can think of. As if that weren't enough, you only get one if you want it. And finally, you can specify what you want to be recognized for, so you essentially create your own award! This is almost too good to be true.

Here's how the Spanglemonkeys Award Pageant works, from the Pageant Director Herself:
"I will look at your site if you want, and I will grant you words of admiration. Or if you want something specific, just award it! Go ahead! It's all about hedonism!"

I just learned that Cousin Lucy's Spoon has also won the coveted Best Blog by Mother of Person Who Actually came to Brooklyn to Meet OTBKB Award! So much glory (fanning self)! Thank you one and all!


Fred said...

Don't forget all the little people who got you there!

Udge said...

Well done! High time that your selfless good works received their just reward.

Will you now be revising your comment on my "Fame" post? ;-)

OldHorsetailSnake said...

That's terrific. I am entering you in the Olympics.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

*Most impressed*

I'm not worthy to comment on your post. *bowing*

Savtadotty said...

Fred - Oh, yes. All the little people. Didn't they already get credit in that Beatles song, Eleanor Rigs Something (certainly not the awards competitions)?

Udge - On the contrary, recognition will spur me on to greater achievement. And I will most certainly *not* be revising History (in this case, my comment on your "Fame" post). As my wise granddaughter was quoted as saying just last week, at
"Things Change."

Hoss - I hope it's the Special Olympics, 'cause I'm so special.

TLP - A simple curtsy will do. No need to make a fuss. But comments are a bit like strewing flowers, don't you think?

sirbarrett said...

Congratulations! Nothing like a personalized award to recognize your personal achievements and feel personally gratified.

"Let people see your good works"

GraceD said...

Indeed, Bubbie of the Blogosphere and Beyond. If you (and elsewhere, RG and beloved MG) were here with me on Maui, the locals would honor you with a luau.

Savtadotty said...

Sirbarrett - Thank you, thank you. I will try to continue my Good Works. And keep working on the humility thing.

Grace - Not that I would require one, but it just occured to me to ask: is there such a thing as a Kosher luau?

still life said...

Don't you think that life should be that way in general? You say
this is what I do best... here it is.
And then someone says yes, you are right, take this.
I mean honestly we are all better judges of our own.
Good idea.

Savtadotty said...

Still life. Yes, Life should be like this, even though it can take a long time to learn what one does best.